Friday, May 29, 2009

PDA phone 3G

Above about PDA phone 3G.

Still using the concept of sliding keyboard ala 838, 838Pro provide themselves with more sophisticated facilities that connect Wi-Fi 802.11g. With this stock 838 Pro users can access the Internet or download email to the hotspot at the speed of up to 54 Mbps.

This speed allows the file size can also download a flash. Evidently, when the use of internet access to the official website Dopod, no more in a matter of five seconds, it is connected, compare when using the 802.11b access that the PDA-Phone lain.PROSESSOR
Turbo internet access is supported by the available memory 128 MBROM and 64 MB of RAM. Use the Samsung processor replaces the TI OMAP processor that has been supporting the first PDA-Phone Dopod able to provide speeds up to 400 Mhz. In addition to processor and memory, Dopod 838Pro also have themselves with 3G access, which lets a user can interact with the device while running the service commercially. Meanwhile, from the design, use the sliding keyboard specialist reinforces the series Dopod PDA-Phone with a style like this after the occurrence of the series 900 and 838. Which may be a little unique is the location opposite the stylus from the PDA-Phone that is generally at the bottom. So to use it, you must be interesting to stylus down.

Equip themselves with a camera flash plus 2 MPix Dopod 838Pro make a useful friend for photography fans. It's facilities complement this camera function. For shooting, the various options available such as course selection resolution, up to flickr adjusment SHUTTER sound. A prominent, Dopod 838Pro is a camera equipped with macro facility, so that for the photographs of objects from a short distance to optimal results. As for taking time to try out with the macro facility, the result looks quite sharp and detailed. With a camera shortcut key on the right side down, making them more easily operated when you want to take photos and record video.

Besides the photos, this camera can also work as a video. Results show good video playback with no delay means. There are several variations of the resolution that can be selected from small (128 x 96), medium (176x144), large (320 x 240), and CIF (352 x 288). In addition, the option to use flash lights also made possible through the features of this video.

Features for offices, with the stock Windows Mobile 5.0, Dopod 838Pro provides various facilities typically Microsoft-based peranti. In addition to Pocket Excel and Word to help synchronize the work in the office to the PDA, the package is also available readers Pdf file, ie, ClearVue Pdf. In addition to email service, Dopod 838Pro also provides push email, home on the server side has adopted the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2.

PDA-Phone 3G to use this battery Li-Poli 1350 mAh with 5 hours talk time or standby time up to 220 hours. Of testing, tried for a day in a state of standby, the battery indicator bar only decreased 30% only.

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