Friday, May 15, 2009

The new Samsung handsets

Bigfoot and Spica are the new Samsung handsets.

Photos of two new Samsung handsets running on the Google's OS leaked online today, along with most of their specs sheets.

Samsung Samsung

The two new Samsung handsets are codenamed Bigfoot and Spica will be running the v2.0 Donut of the Android OS. Yeap, you got that right - Android v1.5 isn't yet completely distributed to the market and v2.0 is already about to appear. According to the source the upgrade to v2.0 won't be available to every handset out there with the decision left for the carriers to make.

Samsung Bigfoot and Samsung Spica will both sport quad-band GSM and tri-band 3G connectivity. The 1700 Mhz HSDPA band on the Bigfoot hints of the fact that it will be available on T-Mobile in the USA. The two devices are basically trimmed-down version of the Samsung I7500, coming with 3" WQVGA TFT displays and 3MP autofocus cameras.

Samsung I7500
Samsung I7500

The Bigfoot and the Spica will also sport Wi-Fi, GPS, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, leaving nothing more to be demanded in this area. Built-in accelerometers and digital compasses complete the list of known specs for both devices.

The Samsung Bigfoot and Samsung Spica should become available in Q3 of this year but their retail price remains to be seen.

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