Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gravity application for Nokia

Here's about the gravity application

The Gravity application for the Nokia Phone brings Twitter to your fingertips.You can check your tweets from your Nokia Phone and post new ones. Keep up to date with your friends just by texting on your cell. You can send and receive tweets very easy, just select Go Online! and after you select your access point Update Now!. Checking up on your Twitter accounts has never been easier. Post your thoughts and news via Twitter on the go.
With a great design and a very easy to use interface the Gravity application for Twitter is by far the best of test, in my opinion. I have tested others, but none as good as this one. You don’t need any advanced setting or anything. Just tap in your user name and password. Moreover, when you want to post a tweet it displays the number of characters you have left. Like in an SMS, a trait which other Twitter clients lack completely. Keeping up with your friends and family or with the latest news is as easy as pie.
Just check out the tutorial at the bottom.

1- Using SecMan : Turn Plat.Security OFF
2- Using Y-Browser (or X-plore) : Delete these files :
E:\Private\10003a3f\import\apps\gravity_0xA000BE97 _reg.rsc
if you install Gravity on memory card (E:\) .. i didn't try this on c:\ .. so give me a feedback

3- Download and install latest Gravity version from attachments

4- Done .. it should works with you on a demo mode

Note : TESTED ON S60v3 OS-9.2 [Hacked Phones Only]

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