Thursday, May 7, 2009

Facts About XPERIA From Sony Ericcson

Here's my thought about XPERIA

DESIGN sliding bar is not something new in the Pdaphone. Signal at least have used the model to see HTC, MWg, and several other vendors. Therefore, as new players enter the arena aids based smart Windows Mobile, Sony Ericsson must give a different touch to X1.

The form of the body visible on the curve when the body has opened a bid tergeser Sony Ericsson. Encourage the body to the right on this show the existence of the Qwerty keyboard.

Keyboard consists of 4 lines. The distance between the keys is quite thin so it will not be guaranteed one click. Key figures overlapping with the particular letter, among others, 1-2-3 in the UIO, JKL in 4-5-6, 7-8-9 in the M-: - ', and *- 0 - # in ,-.-? . To phone, we can simply press the button-number; do not need to click the button to change the function first.

Signal only to find Windows key on the key first line of the first button and OK button on the last four lines. No special keyboard shortcuts shown in the row keyboard; 2 so that the menu button is usually found squeezed between the keyboard and the screen body. O yes, the OK button we can find other in the bottom of the screen, the right side.

Other innovations offered by Sony Ericsson is the panel, namely the theme is the application menu. Access the settings panel is very easy, because the Sony Ericsson Panel put the X button in the bottom of the screen, the left side. We live percussion and the desired panel, and the panel will be activated immediately.

Touch screen of course prone to accidentally click the screen. It is anticipated that with the key lock together with the End call button. Live click-hold the button End call to Unlock any posts appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. Stylus its own can be found on the body, left elbow.

Connectivity, Capacity, Performance
Mini USB port on the left body is used only for charger and data cable. Signal had a confused look for a MicroSD slot that is on the left body. This is not directly visible because the slot behind closed casing made of metal. To open the casing, cut only a small hole in the left-right body, the bottom. Sony Ericsson to include artificial Sandisk MicroSDHC 4GB in the package.

Processor and memory combination is selected Sony Ericsson is, to some extent match the needs of the operating system used. At least, we see movement on the X graphical panel with flow clear.

Sony Ericsson 3.2 MP camera install, plus lighting. Signal does not find the Camera icon in the menu anywhere, presumably this application can only be opened with the push-hold the camera key. Button on the right body, the bottom. Picture size images that can dijepret X1 is of course a maximum of 3MP. While the Video maximum size for the video recording is VGA.

Additional speakers nearly invisible, the body on the left, next to bottom. The volume key on the right body, the top. Interestingly, the Sony Ericsson 3.5 mm jack for headset; located on the body.

Note, Google and FM Radio is no longer visible in the icon to its normal Programs menu and Settings. Both these applications can only be accessed from the X Panel. Last information we received said that Sony Ericsson will add a new panel that allows users to access Facebook and Windows Live. The panel will distributed by Dashwire.

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