Sunday, July 19, 2009

Socialize with handphone 3 INQ1

Above about handphone 3 INQ1.

3 INQ1 actually is the development of Skypephone product with some additional interesting feature like Facebook. It makes this product as the world's first social mobile like claimed by its producer in its official site.
Actually, from display side, INQ1 is not different with other slider hand phone. Its front display dominated by 2.2 inches screen in some buttons including d-pad with big enough size in the middle. Keypad with simple display is put in the second row, that we can see if we shifted the handphone up.
When it is turned on, in the screen, there are some shortcuts under the screen. The producer calls it as switcher and its design is exactly the same with Skypephone display. Some shortcuts is provided to access to Windows Live Messenger, 3 Web favorites, 3 mobile email, web browser, Google, Skype, messages, contacts and Facebook.
In this handphone you can access account Facebook automatically or manually, depends on the setting you have made. From it, you can open message, picture, and contack, and get any update everytime there a message in your inbox in the Facebook. You can also move contact data in Facebook complete with the picture to your handphone.
Even, through contact data in this handphone, you can determine to call that person through Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, email, SMS or voicemail appropriate with your need. Connection status form those three options can viewed in this handphone.
Pf course, this handphone also has other features like music player, RSS feed reader, alarms, calculator, notepad, stopwatch and voice recorder. Since it has been supported by 3G, you can use it as a modem with the speed until 3.6Mbps through USB connection.

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