Saturday, July 18, 2009

Advantages of handphone

Here’s the advantages of using handphone.

In this globalisation world, handphone is a common tool used by human. However, is it true that handphone is a useful tool? Does use of handphone affect people in negative aspect?

Use of handphone definitely brings many advantages to us. It links all people in the world together. This is because it easier the way of communication among human. It also can be used to record unforgetable memories as some of the handphones have camera. Entertainment also can be got from the use of handphones. This is due to the function of mp3 in thr handphones. Sms is the most popular way for ur to comminicate with family, friends and others, get information and send messages to others. Due to the advance of technology, some handphones have online function. Therefore, knowledge and information can be got in finger tips. It is also necessary when emergency.

However, some of the handphone users misuse their handphones by use it to seperate gossips and rumors. There are cases that handphones are used to capture lust videos and pictures and post them online. This will affect the reputation of the victims.

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