Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Screen Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic

Here about screen of Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic.

The screen is large (3.2’’ / 38x70) and prolonged (16:9 aspect). Samsung i900 and M8800 use the same aspect but a different resolution. The high resolution (640x360, QHD) is amazing to see in a mid-end handset. All of its direct and indirect competitors are equipped with lower quality screens limited to 240x400 pixels (Samsung i900, M8800, LGKC910, KP500) Apple iPhone loses in this competition, too, though the difference from 5800 is negligible. Viewing a high-quality photo on the screen is an illustration much better than any words.

The color palette is rich, the view angles – perfect. The picture is smooth, without a trace of pixelization. Nokia N96 doesn’t stand up to 5800 in this challenge. This type of screens is what the company will be equipping the next year’s entries with, the high definition isn’t being too actual these days.

Nokia 5800 Photos Nokia 5800 Photos

The luminance sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness level. The distance sensor is a debut feature in the whole Nokia portfolio. When the handset is close to your head (e.g. during a phone talk) the touch input is automatically blocked.

The screen is pretty sun-resistant, the screen information remains legible even in direct sunlight. The only visible effect is a minor fading of colors.

Nokia 5800 Photos Nokia 5800 Photos

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