Sunday, February 6, 2011

Android is now accessible from your PC

If you Android Smartphone user?Let's check this out.

When Android smartphone users, you can be satisfied. Since Google announced the Android Market stall just now, applications can be accessed via computer or PC.

At a news conference on Wednesday local time management, and Google Android Market is now online and can be accessed through the site. Buy This android, and they require the user to install the application is expected to accelerate. Of course, this new feature is very smart and a number of Internet users in countries known to be known as the user of Android developers, but there is insufficient infrastructure.

As a result, data rates just barely become a fundamental issue for users. Not uncommon in the wireless data connection issues that are less stable in certain regions.

Indeed, the idea of Android Market website is to facilitate users in tracking the various applications needed from anywhere and not limited by its Android phones only. On the other hand, Google wants to catch up from the Apple App Store.

Visit the Android website with this link.

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