Friday, February 11, 2011

Aluminum iPhone Case EXOvault Exo2

Here about iPhone Case.

EXovault New York is in the iPhone's metal case. This sentence does not grab the attention you can stop reading now.

Hard plastic or rubber cases judged created most of the metal case of the iPhone is not something you see every day through. Metal or other exotic materials, but the iPhone's case for the unusual choice might seem you your people or a few feet of the nearly every waking hour is having a $ 600 device, considering that some people standards in We recommend upgrading its meaning.

The exo2 case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS is available in either brass or aluminum. It’s a slightly modified version of EXOvault’s original exo case, which was available in brass, aluminum, or (for a short time) titanium. The exo’s metal venting at the bottom of the rear (so the case would not block the phone’s antennae) has been replaced with a rosewood insert. The combination of metal and wood means the ex02 has sort of a steampunk feel to it (especially if you opt for the brass) but clean lines and a few color options keep the case looking contemporary.

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