Monday, June 14, 2010

New Andriod 2.2 Froyo

Know more about new Android 2.2 Froyo.

Although it’s the best Android OS version out there by far, Froyo is still taking its time when it comes to its official arrival to various handsets. The first smartphone to get it is, of course, Google’s Nexus One.

Sure you’ll say that your Nexus One is already running Froyo, but as it turns out, that Froyo version you’ll already playing with is not the officially official one. You can easily check for that firmware build number. If it says FRF50 then it’s definitely not the one you want.

According to some folks, Google is ready to finally support Froyo and the official build update is reportedly called FRF72. The new firmware is only 1.8MB in size and it is said to only update the browser.


The screenshot about shows you one such Google Nexus One running the new Froyo OS and while such pictures can be faked a recent tweet from a Google employee seems to confirm the new Froyo version:


Unfortunately for Android users out there other hot phones are probably months away from getting Android 2.2 Froyo. The Motorola Droid, the HTC Droid Incredible and the HTC EVO 4G are just some of them and they will probably be the most popular with the U.S. public. Outside the U.S. you’ll find the HTC Desire, the Samsung Galaxy S, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and the Motorola Milestone (basically Droid with a changed name) which are other hot Android models waiting for the official Froyo update.

Looking at the competition, in this case Apple’s iOS, Google will be annoyed to see that not only are some people  already running Apple’s iOS 4 Golden Master on their mobile devices but that Apple is going to make it available for free to anyone playing with an iPhone and/or iPhone touch.

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