Saturday, June 19, 2010

Micxon S500

Some info of Micxon S500.

Micxon S500 screen is so shiny; up-to can be used for looking in the mirror. Screen design that makes the phone look really beautiful.

When the screen lights, keypad visible flicker like disco lights. This setting is in Settings> Phone setup> Light color setting. There are 4 modes prepared by Micxon S500.

We listened by the external speaker on the back of the body loudly. There is a Remote control on the Bluetooth settings option. Presumably this can also be used to listen to the songs from the speaker that supports Bluetooth connections.

Interestingly, the image that is displayed in the Image Viewer can be printed directly to a printer that supports Bluetooth. State that Micxon S500 with a 1GB MicroSD included in the package. Port data telegram is in the top right, near the charger port.

Micxon S500 is a GSM mobile phone that doubles SIM cards both equally active. at the setting of Micxon S500, the right slot read as SIM1 and slot left read as SIM2. SIM settings on the Settings> Dual SIM settings; option provided is Dual SIM open, open Only SIM1, SIM2 Only open, and Flight mode.

Micxon S500 prepare 2 Call button to make a call. Left menu button also functions as the key to the 2nd call. Micxon S500 have Schedule power on / off for auto turn-off the mobile phone according to the schedule we set.

Micxon S500 prepare Caller Picture, Caller Ring Tone and a Caller Video for the caller tone.


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