Thursday, March 3, 2011

Samsung S8530

Today's article about the new Samsung S8530 Wave II.

Oversized 3.7inches SUPER CLEAR LCD
Bigger is better. Samsung S8530 Wave II’s oversized 3.7 inches SUPER CLEAR LCD display makes enjoying on-the-go games, videos and photos more fun than ever. And with SUPER CLEAR LCD, you can enjoy much brighter and less reflective display compared to general TFT LCD.

Perfect Social Hub
Samsung S8530 Wave II offers a fully integrated one-page layout of your phone book, IM, email, and SNS. You can also organize and view your contacts according to four separate formats—Info, History, Activity and Media-so you can customize your layout just the way you want it.

Expansive Multimedia
Samsung Wave II provides a potent mix of powerful multimedia, for a mobile experience that’s expansive and fresh. Samsung Apps lets you effortlessly download countless application - games, e-books, utilities, health and lifestyle apps and more.

Improved Input Method
Samsung Wave II comes with advance features like t9 Trace input, which lets you input data simply by gliding your finger in a continuous motion over the letters of a word instead of punching in individual keys. With t9 Trace you can input data much faster than the conventional method.

Powerful Performance
Powered by an industry-leading 1GHz processor, Wave II provides powerful mobile performance each and every time. 1GHz of processing means Internet browsing is always fast and fluid.


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