Thursday, January 27, 2011

Battery Charger with Coca-cola

Hey guys. It's such a long time that I haven't post an article. I'm very busy with my study. So now I'm free. ^_^

Here article about handphone battery charge with coca-cola.

China claims a woman has found a way to Handphone battery charger with Coca-Cola. But the discovery of Nokia declined.

Daizi Zheng said Sky News; the device is an energy supplier from the rest of Coca-Cola to fill the green battery, which is more environment friendly than lithium.
“The concept is to use a battery of bio, to create pollution-free environment,” she said.

“With the use of bio batteries as a mobile source of power, you must drink sweet and lead to water and oxygen,” says Zheng.

Zheng claims the phone can last three to four times longer than normal batteries and certainly harming the environment.

She is designing batteries for Nokia, but Zheng said the largest mobile phone operator does not support the idea that the reason “too futuristic.

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