Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nokia E5-00 Feature

Here’s about Nokia E5-00.

Business activity which accumulates need a reliable companion, including the phone. In addition to having adequate open OS and camera, the Nokia E5-00 also carries a myriad of office feature that can be maximized to support your performance. Moreover, the battery is also durable, up to 2 days to use quite active, especially the internet.
However, the most unfortunate of this series is the absence of any single game. Although you can easily download from the internet, but still `feel 'different, it would feel between game built with the downloaded game. Why so serious?.
Now the policy of Nokia allow E series products can be reached by the broader market. The price is trimmed without compromising advanced features. One of them is the Nokia E5-00.


Design and Display
Steady in the clutch. Its weight is not light, making it ideal when used with two hands while operating the qwerty keyboard and also not too heavy so it does not make your finger tired.

Qwerty keypad is made of plastic abrasive, but the size and spacing between the keys is less friendly. Too often press the wrong place, and of course, quite disturbing. That means the need to get used to normal again for your fingers dance on the boards with nimble.
In addition to the qwerty keyboard which amounted to 37 key, there are also jacks for audio microUSB and 3.5 mm located at the top, the volume button on the left side of the phone, 5-way navigation, and 2 button hook to open the back casing.

image image

Cell phone antenna is located in the lower back, right at the bottom of the casing, so make sure your hand does not cover that section when the need a better signal. If there are missed calls or unread incoming messages, 5 navigation keys at phone will occasionally glow to indicate this to you.

Despite having the light sensor beside the earpiece, but this series does not carry a camera in front. While the camera on the back are in the right place so it does not happen fingers absently covering some of the lens.
Flash is used is strong enough range of light and can be used as a flashlight, that is by pressing the Space key-hold on the home screen. Just as the X5 series, which also inserted Sym button Bluetooth logo that can be a shortcut for you to turn on the Bluetooth activities.


Still the same as its predecessor the Nokia X5, a camera carried by E5-00 is capable of producing images up to 5 megapixel and VGA size video with mp4 format. The flash is quite helpful in a low light, but the results obtained will actually reduce the `tone 'colors of the object you snap. To maximize the use of "night mode" in the room who still have light to obtain a natural image quality.
Considering only able to display 15 images per second (15 fps), we must understand that the video recordings in E5-00 is less smooth, both when in recording mode and when played back. The way around this is, make sure your hands are not too fast in moving, and the object you are recording do not move quickly in close proximity to the lens. In addition to video light that can be used during the recording process, is also quite sensitive microphone picking up sound.



Nokia E5-00 has embedded GPS so it can assist you in finding a location or provide advice on the route of a journey. When you use the maps, the system will download content such as satellite images, sound files, guidelines or traffic and weather information so that it will require the transmission of large amounts of data. Just as in the Internet mode, press * or # to do enlargement on the map.
On the screen will display information such as color bars that indicate a few things like a bar is one satellite. If the device is looking for a satellite signal, the bars will be colored yellow, and will turn green when it is sufficient to calculate location. Well, the more the green line means the level of accuracy will get better.


When using the first time, you will be asked to fill in data such as age, gender, email address (optional) and the region. After all entries are entered, the device will download the data from the server, including photos and video.
Your email needs were able to be accommodated either through its push email feature. First time using, you will be asked to choose which email account you want to synchronize with the phone. There are several to choose from such as OviMail, YahooMail, and Gmail. Once the configuration process is successful, you will be connected in realtime over the internet access is available, either via the network operator and the WLAN. Even your inbox to appear on the Home Screen.

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