Monday, June 22, 2009

Nseries the power of camera

Here's about Nseries.

Since first introduced in February 2009, today there are sites that make a full review. Nokia N86 combines stunning design with complete features and image quality. The N86 has an incredible 8 mega pixel camera, an OLED (QGVA) screen, dual slide keyboard, etc. In fact besides the camera, the spec isn't too different to the Nokia N85. Just like the N85, the Nokia N86 features an AMOLED screen, which will give a brighter screen, increased colour range, improved contrast ratio and reduced power usage.

The design is very sleek and attractive and at 149g it's certainly pocketable. The whole front of the phone is covered by tempered glass which looks awesome. Enhancements such as the enlarged Dpad make the control cluster easier to use. The overall build quality of the phone is excellent. Nokia really have improved the build quality of the NSeries. There's a big difference holding the N95 in one hand and the N86 in the other.

What struck me most though, was the quality of the camera. It's without a doubt the best I've seen on a Nokia handset. I was lucky enough to get an early glance at some of the shots Rafe over at Allaboutsymbian had taken. When compared with other Nseries handsets, the N86 was significantly better. (Darla Mack) For this phone in indonesia is sold with the price $ 504. Below is an article about the complete review of the Nokia N86 that I take from

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